The Sedgwick County Zoo reports their 5-week-old chimpanzee, Kucheza, suddenly passed away.

Kucheza was found cradled in his mother’s arms by keepers at Sedgwick County Zoo.

A five-week-old chimpanzee who went viral with its mother has died.

Kucheza, who became a social media darling after enjoying a tearful reunion with his mother after a difficult birth.

Kucheja was born at 12:48 pm. on November 15 via C-section at the zoo.

Zoo posts tear-jerking video of newborn, hours after announcing her birth.

The infant's mother, Mahale, is not quite ready to part with her son.

This was the third offspring of the 28-year-old mother and was important birth for the species' population.

In his few short weeks of life, Kucheza brought joy and light to so many.