1. Have a boudoir photo shoot.

Yes, a regular photoshoot is fun, but why not take the sexier route with a boudoir shoot?

2. Get lost together.

To put this simply, pack a bag and head out without a set destination in mind. Get on a highway, and let your curiosity lead the way.

3. Switch up your home aesthetic.

If you and your partner are looking to shift the energy in your space, treat yourselves to some retail therapy.

4. Make a "rule" day.

Pack your day with a list of fun, special, or even sexy challenges.

5. Have a money-free date.

Plan out a day full of activities where no money is allowed to be spent. Go for a bike ride, have a picnic, do yoga together...

6. Get vulnerable with card games.

Playing card games like We're Not Really Strangers can keep those intimate vibes going far past the 14th.

7. Swap romantic playlists.

No matter your preferred streaming platform, your partner will totally swoon over the playlists you make for each other.

8. Read to each other.

If you're hoping to keep your Valentine's Day activities on the DL, consider spending a night in to read to each other.

9. Go to a comedy club.

Laughing together can promote attraction and reduce stress, says Cutlip.

10. Try a floral arrangement class.

Getting a V-Day bouquet is kind of a given, so switch it up by channeling your inner florist.