Top destinations For Solo Trip In The World

 Phuket island is on the south side of Thailand, a great place to  go for a solo trip. Also, you can go to Bangkok, Ayutthaya, and Krabi.


 Sri Lanka will be a safe and wonderful place to enjoy with yourself.  You can go to Colombo, Galle, and Arugam Bay. 

Sri Lanka

Drinking and eating is the specialty of this place.

South Korea

 Vietnam is a very beautiful place and a great destination to go to alone.


You can go to National parks, Lakes, and other beautiful places in Cambodia.


You can explore Thimphu and many other places.


People love to visit Mongolia as the people of Mongolia are  warmhearted and welcoming.


 Nepal is a safe place even for solo females. You can visit Kathmandu or any  other place you like.