Tips For Weight Loss: Foods You Should Avoid Eating Late At Night

There are some specific foods which should not be eaten at night

Eating good food at night helps in weight loss as well as useful in good sleep

Here are some foods which you should avoid to eat at night

Yogurt/ Curd

If you have digestion issues like acid reflux, acidity then you should avoid yogurt at night as it can cause heartburn issues when you are sleep-ready

Desserts have a lot of fat and also, ice-creams which contains low-fat can have high amount of sugar in them, takes more time to digest


Refined flour often lead to stress, weight gain, constipation and it slows down the digestion and it has no fiber. Eating it at night may affects your sleep

Refined Flour

You can have Salads in afternoon, but if you have weak digestive system you should not eat raw salads because the fibre in it may cause health problems because of slow digestion

Raw Salads

You can eat oatmeal, kiwi slices, almonds for weight loss and whatever you eat make sure it is good for health