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Sylvester Stallone Wife Filed Divorce For A Dog

Jennifer Flavin didn't want one more dog in her house, but Sly denied it to her and got a new dog

Due to this issue, an argument turned into a divorce, so Jennifer Flavin filed a divorce against her husband Sly

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The main reason is that Sly wants one more dog to protect his house and family. As per reports, Sly already has two dogs in his house

As per the resource, they had an extremely heated argument and that turned into a divorce

In the end, Sly gets the Rottweiler dog named Dwight, as per his upcoming show "Tulsa King"

The savage thing Sly did last Friday was that first his arm was covered with his wife Jennifer Flavin's tattoo

After the divorce news, he changes that tattoo to his new pet Dwight on his arm. Isn't it good?