Southwest Airlines canceled more than 70% of its flights on Monday.

Flight cancellations brought on by the harsh winter weather decreased with other airlines.

Southwest has already cancelled 60% of its flights for the following day as of Monday night.

Since Wednesday, more than 17,000 U.S. flights have been cancelled by airlines.

FlightAware reports that the storm disrupted aviation travel across the nation by bringing snow, strong winds, and subfreezing temperatures.

The airline has also canceled 60% of its flights for Tuesday.

On Christmas Day, 42% of Southwest's flights were canceled and 48% were delayed.

The incident has "been disastrous," according to Capt. Casey Murray, head of the Southwest Airlines Pilots Association, in a statement earlier on Monday.

The announcement also said new bookings would not be possible until January 3.

A spokesperson for Southwest blamed the recent winter storm for the cancellations.