Sobhraj was born in Saigon on April 6, 1944, to a Vietnamese mother and Indian father.

Charles Gurumukh Sobhraj Hotchand Bhawani is a French serial killer, fraudster, and thief.

Charles preyed on Western tourists traveling the Hippie Trail of South Asia during the 1970s.

Charles was known as the "Bikini Killer" due to the attire of many of his victims, as well as "The Splitting Killer" and "The Serpent".

Sobhraj is believed to have killed at least 20 tourists in South and Southeast Asia, including 14 in Thailand.

Convicted and imprisoned in India from 1976 to 1997. After release, he moved to Paris.

Sobhraj returned to Nepal in 2003, where he was arrested and tried and received a life sentence.

In 2010, he married his Indo-Nepali interpreter, Nihita Biswas, in prison.

Due to his advanced age, the Nepalese Supreme Court approved his release from prison on December 23, 2022.

Serial Killer Charles "The Serpent" Sobhraj Released From Jail, Says "I Feel Great"