The death of a Princeton University student who went missing in October has been ruled a suicide.

Misrach Ewuneti, 20, was found on the ground behind the tennis court on October 20, when she was last seen.

The body of a Princeton University student was found on campus in October, a week after she went missing.

By the Mercer County Prosecutor, her cause of death was determined to be bupropion, escitalopram and hydroxyzine poisoning.

Escitalopram and bupropion are frequently used to treat depression. Antihistamine Hydroxyzine is recommended for anxiety and allergies.

Hours after the school's Terrace Club hosted a live music performance, Ewunetie was last observed.

She offered to assist with "housekeeping responsibilities," according to a prior claim from club president Aleksandar Moravcik.

Vice President for Campus Life W. Rochelle Calhoun referred to Ewunetie's death as a "unthinkable tragedy" after her body was discovered.