Across the UK, people are experience Covid-like symptom.

however, tests for the virus that has plagued the last two Christmases came back negative.

The bug has been called the "worst winter lurgy ever" by people fed up of feeling poorly.

Among the unpleasant symptoms being reported are nasty coughs, headaches and blocked noses.

Many people have expressed their amazement on social media after their Covid tests came back negative.

People have been sharing their stories of dealing with a winter lurgy that 'feels like' Covid.

Experts say that now people are again mixing like they did in the pre-coronavirus year.

TV writer Daran Little posted on Twitter: "Anyone else down with something that feels like Covid but isn't?"

The tweet quickly racked up more than 30,000 likes on the social media platform.

This year's flu outbreak is gathering pace, with admissions up by nearly two-thirds in just seven days.