Following a jet crash in Nepal's Khad on Sunday, sixty-eight persons have been officially accounted for as dead.

Rescuers were unable to help at least one screaming victim because the wreckage was so hot.

According to the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal, it crashed close to the tourist destination at around 10:50 local time.

Pushpa Kamal Dahal, the prime minister, stated. "The Nepali Army Police has mobilised its whole might for the rescue."

Brig. Gen. Krishna Prasad Bhandari said many of the bodies were burned beyond recognition.

Sixty-eight passengers and a crew of four were aboard the plane.

Video from the scene posted on social media appears to show the plane starting to roll.

The weather was "very good" in Pokhara, Thakur said, adding that the pilots did not report technical problems.