After a seven-hour wait at the emergency room, Allison Holthoff, a 37-year-old Canadian from Nova Scotia, passed away.

Family members attribute the death on problems and flaws in the nation's healthcare system.

In a statement made public on Monday, Canadian Health and Wellness Minister Michelle Thompson stated, "This is a devastating loss, and my heart goes out to them.

Allison Holthoff, went to the hospital after complaining that she wasn’t feeling well on New Year’s Eve.

She told her family that she had pain in her abdomen that continued to increase with time.

On December 31, she experienced stomach discomfort, and as it got worse the next morning, she visited the emergency department.

Allison was transferred from the waiting area into an unequipped unit after six hours.

By the time Allison eventually saw a doctor and was prescribed painkillers, it was already six o'clock.

Gunter remembered being abruptly ordered to leave the room as the medical professionals made three attempts to revive Allison. However, she passed away in the end.