Mark A. Jackson is an American former professional basketball player.

In light of the Brittany Griner scandal, Mark Jackson believes it is past time for the Women's National Basketball League to pay its top players more.

According to commissioner Adam Silver, the WNBA loses about $10 million a year, and that amount is covered by the NBA.

Ex-NBA hooper Mark Jackson is asking the WNBA to pay its players the money they deserve.

He believes it will get to a point where he doesn't need to play overseas during the season.

Average WNBA salary is $102,751 a year, many players end up playing for leagues in Europe and Asia to earn more cash.

It was for these reasons that Brittney Griner left for Russia before her 10-month prison term.

"Hopefully, we put these women, especially WNBA ladies, in a position financially where they don't have to add more revenue to their accounts," Mark added.