How To Make Exercise A Daily Habit?

When you are looking to make a habit of daily exercise routine with making some changes in your current routine. Here are some tips for a daily habit of Exercise

In starting, you should give 30 minutes a day like 10 minutes in the morning, then in the noon, and then in the evening.  Divide your 30 min. like this.

You can also exercise with your friend or anyone which makes you motivated to make a habit

You can start with walking and a little running

You can also try to plan your schedule like when and what you should include in it.

Try to set short-term goals & give yourself a reward for achieving them.

Try doing some basic exercises at home, while watching TV, or you can set a reminder to get up & walk few minute

You can join a gym or class for the daily routine  of exercise. They help you learn new things and start with  basic exercises.