Washing hands

When we return from outside, this is a very healthy habit, since we may be carrying germs and viruses. Moreover, COVID or not, washing your hands is an important hygiene practice.

Wearing mask

As well as protecting us from viruses, masks help us protect us from air pollutants as well.

Hands off the face

Aside from the fact that this was advocated as a preventive measure against COVID, it is also a healthy habit to refrain from touching your face excessively.

Working out

The fitness world is undergoing rapid changes – prioritizing our health helps us develop the immunity required to fight against any disease.


COVID, respiratory disease highlights the dangers of smoking and how it weakens our immune system. Avoid it


Drinking alcohol is extremely harmful, and they further ruin the immunity of the body. we need to reduce and eventually quit these harmful habits.

Brushing our teeth twice a day is a mandatory habit

Maintaining our oral hygiene also became important. Brushing your teeth on a regular basis is an essential personal hygiene step.

Revitalising sun vitamin

Vitamin D deficiency is prevalent around the world. There are many consequences of this deficiency such as autoimmune diseases, heart diseases, cancer also occurs.