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Gabbie Hanna Tiktok Star Called By the Cop

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Gabbie Hanna is a famous Tiktok star, but she does something different, so she has to face the cop

Gabbie has approx 7 million followers, and it's a big thing for a normal user

But suddenly, Gabbie turns into emotional content in that she is crying, screaming, yelling, and laughing

She said to the whole 7 million families that she is the smartest person in the world and is doing silly thing

After checking her videos, her fans and friends are getting worried that she's fine or not

Recently, she posted 100 short videos on the same day and they are all doing silly things. So it's not safe for a person that gets into big trouble

She gets trolled on her social media accounts for her behavior on her TikTok account

Reports say that a medical team assisted her for a long time and that she doesn't post such types of thing

Gabbie was treated so gently by the cops and after the medical team came to assist her, the cops walked through the door