Pope Benedict XVI was  born Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger,  16 April 1927) is a retired prelate of the Catholic Church who served as the head of the Church

The sovereign of the Vatican City State from 19 April 2005 until his resignation on 28 February 2013.

Benedict's election as pope occurred in the 2005 papal conclave that followed the death of Pope John Paul II.

Benedict chose to be known by the title "pope emeritus" upon his resignation.

Pope Francis told his predecessor Pope Benedict, the 95-year-old former pontiff, is "very ill" after a decline in his health on Wednesday.

Pope Francis asked people to pray for 95-year-old retired Pope Benedict XVI.

Pope Emeritus Benedict's health has deteriorated due to his age and doctors are constantly monitoring him.

On Feb. 11, 2013, Pope Benedict announced that he would retire effective Feb. 28 that year.