Santa Claus, also known as Father Christmas, Saint Nichola.

The figure known as Santa Claus usually serves as the holiday's patron saint in the United States and other nations, and he brings gifts to kids.

The most exciting part of Christmas for kids is finding the wrapped presents under the tree.

Santa is real. The origins of Santa Claus also referred to as Saint Nicholas, date all the way back to the third century.

He was a monk born in 280 AD in modern Turkey. Being the only child, his parents gave him a lot of love.

Saint Nicholas' generosity and kindness helped him become a legend.

The death anniversary on December 6 is marked as Saint Nicholas' feast day.

When the Dutch came to celebrate St. Nicholas, they made their way into American culture all the way back in 1773.

Sinter Klaas, the Dutch name for Saint Nicholas at the time, is the origin of the English name Santa Claus.

The celebration was moved to Christmas Day because 6 December, or his feast day, was a celebration that included gift-giving.