Taylor Swift, ‘Anti-Hero’

As with Beyoncé’s “Renaissance,” Swift’s “Midnights” album offers a sonic feast.

Bad Bunny, ‘Tití Me Preguntó’

Among chart dominance (Billboard crowned him Top Artist of the Year).

Beyoncé's, ‘Break My Soul’

While Queen Bey’s seventh studio album, “Renaissance,” arrived stocked with numerous tracks worthy of year-end regard.

Florence + The Machine, ‘Free’

A standout track on the excellent “Dance Fever” album that fidgets with nervous energy as it builds into its engaging climax.

Rosalía, ‘Despechá’

A brisk banger that blends electropop elements with more traditional Latin mambo

The underrated “Dawn FM,” the creative concept album from The Weeknd

The Weeknd, ‘Less Than Zero’

Some songs just sound dirty, and this one celebrates its filth from the ominous keyboard stabs that open it.

Sam Smith featuring Kim Petras, ‘Unholy’