After Amazon layoffs stirred many sectors, it is now PepsiCo's turn. As per a report, PepsiCo layoffs are next in line to affect hundreds of employees.

PepsiCo to sack hundreds of employees to simplify organisation

By layoff planning, PepsiCo, which is the maker of Pepsi cola, Lays, Tropicana juice, is joining the list of layoff organisation

 PepsiCo Inc. is laying off headquarters workers from its North American snack and beverage units

According to the Wall Street Journal, in a sign that corporate reductions are beginning to extend beyond technology and media companies

After Amazon layoffs stirred many sectors, it is now PepsiCo’s turn

The report adds that PepsiCo’s job cuts affect the company’s North America beverage busine

PepsiCo’s demand for food and beverages sold in grocery stores has been strong even after inflation

The announcement of PepsiCo layoffs, experts believe that the recession or the global economic downturn is setting

Meanwhile, big tech companies including Inc., Apple Inc. and Meta Platforms Inc. are dismissing thousands of worker