1) Stop trying to feel calm or ‘normal’

Everything in you is telling you that this anxious, sh*tty feeling needs to be beaten or solved as soon as possible.

2) Why fighting anxiety increases it

Your limbic system, which is responsible for your survival instinct, overreacted, which is the fundamental cause of your anxiety.

3) Approaching anxiety effectively

When creative and clever people aren't sufficiently pushed and engaged by life, anxiety rises and can turn into a problem.

4) Do things you love

What you love may be different and all of us has something that gets us “in the zone” and losing all sense of time.

5) Get an agenda

You may be stressed as hell and have almost no free time. You may have so many responsibilities you can barely see straight.

6) Work hard

If I look at getting better from anxiety, I can trace the path in drops of sweat.

7) Challenge yourself

Most of our growth is done in our discomfort zone, and addressing anxiety is no different.

8) Leaving therapy behind?

I’ve had debilitating anxiety three times in my life for a few years each time.