Are you ready to make a New Year's resolution? So what should be the first goal we aim to improve our health in 2023?

Americans eat diets that lack a fair amount of nutritious fruits and vegetables. we should pay attention to our diet.


Kimchi is a Korean fermented vegetable dish typically made with cabbage. It can offer your body some pretty notable benefits .


Lee also recommends adding turmeric to your diet, noting that "this powerful anti-inflammatory spice helps remove the lining of the stomach."

Bone broth

"Bone broth has a healing amino acid profile, minerals, and gut-healing collagen," Lee says.


There are certainly benefits to eating various kinds of fish, however, Lee specifically recommends salmon if your aim is to improve your health in 2023.


Strawberries aren't only a tasty treat, they're also a healthy option to satisfy both your hunger and health goals.

Broccoli sprout

While you surely know all about the health benefits of broccoli, you may also want to consider adding broccoli sprouts to your regular diet.