10. Cupuacu

Cupuacu mainly grows in the wild Amazon rainforest. This fruit also cultivates in some parts of Peru. Growing 8 inches in length and weighing of 2 kg.

9. Cherimoya

Cherimoya is a native to Andes mountain range between Argentina and Chile. It is one of rare fruits grown in South America.

8. Mangosteen

The mangosteen fruit is very rare in Western markets. It is native to Indonesia, also found in few South Asian countries.

7. Miracle Fruit

The small, red colored miracle fruit grows in the tropical forests of West Africa. In the medical field, doctors utilize the sweetening effect of miracle fruit to bring back the appetite of cancer patients.

6. Durian

The seasonal, durian fruit is known as ‘king of fruits‘ across South Asian countries. In fact, only a few species of durian fruits exist today.

5. African Horned Cucumber

African horned cucumber is one of the oldest fruits in the world. The fruit was originated 3000 years ago in Africa.

4. Jabuticaba

Jabuticaba is a rare, purple colored fruit native to Southeastern Brazil. Unlike other fruits, jabuticaba bear in the trunk of its tree.

3. Physali

Physalis is an exotic fruit native to South America. The fruit is related to tomato family. It has a transparent leaf like husk.

2. Rambutan

Rambutan fruit grows across South East Asia. This exotic, oval shaped fruit has pinky hairs on the outershell. It is named after Malaysian word ‘rambut’, which means hair.

1. Ackee

Ackee is a rare and strange looking fruit that grows in the tropical regions of Western Africa. It is also the national fruit of Jamaica.